Monday, May 4, 2009

Rodney Vs The Toothbrush

I do not like the look of this device.

Dental hygiene? Gingivitis? Trench Mouth? These are not real words; your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me.

It's supposed to go where? Just because I ate that loose concrete from the basement floor that one time does not mean I will put just anything in my mouth.

Wait...Why do I smell chicken? I suppose a closer inspection would not go amiss...

Zeus and Apollo! It is a delicious celebration of poultry in a tube!

Can you still manage to clean my teeth while I desperately try to lick all of it from the brush? Well, try harder because I'm not going to stop. Ever. Not even years from now when you're still trying to get me to grasp the concept of this activity.


Andrea said...

Magnum P.I. - awesome.
The look Zoe is giving the whole situation - also awesome.

Shellmo said...

Is it really chicken flavored? LOL! Cute photos! I'm going to need a toothbrush for my new fur baby - thanks for the reminder!