Monday, March 9, 2009

Rodney Vs. The Refrigerator

Will I never again enjoy a peaceful moment? I have lived in harmony with this appliance for two years; now, the ever-dormant device on it's once peaceful facade has sprung to life! Why can't people lick water from a bowl on the floor like normal creatures? Must they have combative ice that propels itself across the room? I don't need a frozen dagger to the eyeball, thank you. Also, the path through the kitchen should be clear in the event a quick get-a-way is in order. Slipping on a stray ice cube and landing in the garbage can is not my preferred modus operandi.

If anyone needs me, I will be under the bed.


Naomi said...

poor, poor rodney. sigh. my heart goes out to him. i, too, have been tormented by a household appliance...this thing they call "dyson" me, big boy.


Nina said...

Your advances make me nervous; however, please feel free to email me. I attempted to contact you recently, but the new email address I received in your latest communique came back undeliverable. Are you toying with me?

With hesitance,