Saturday, January 31, 2009

A New Era

I have decided to run for office. After consulting with my chief aid and sounding board (my sister, Zoe), it has become clear that I am meant to do great things. Not just in the world of canine mystery and crime, but for the community at large.

What kind of office, you ask? I haven't decided yet, but some ideas I had were Emperor of Dogpark Development, Litterbox Snackbowl Committee President (probably falls under Health and Canine Services), or Beef Jerky Czar. But Zoe says it doesn't really matter. "As long as you have an inspiring image and slogan," she said, "the right opportunity to serve your fellow citizens will come to you." At her suggestion, I left the details up to her and she has provided this iconic image and slogan.

The photo of me clearly shows my intelligence and stoic demeanor, and the term 'Dingbat', Zoe explained, denotes a born leader of rousing omnipotence. I want to inspire excitement and confidence in my constituents, and Zoe assures me that this image was designed with that in mind.

My gratitude for her efforts in plastering these posters all over town is overflowing. I only hope that I am able to live up to the high standard this image conveys and I hereby assure my fellow citizens that I will work tirelessly to that end.

Yours in service,


It has been discovered that a subliminal message lurks within Rodney's campaign poster. When extracted using high-tech gadgetry (similar to what one would see in a movie circa 1980), the image below presents itself.

"Nonsense. Just keep looking at the poster."-Zoe

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rodney,

Your words are so inspiring, and i can't wait for the latest footage (i heard a rumor you were sharing information with the russian the way, do their anal glads smell like vodka? that's what i heard). i look foward to voting for you, i think in my county i need to poo on sycamore street to place my vote...not sure.

fifi from mill valley